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To make your network efficient, scalable and reliable, Immense Communication Pvt. Ltd. offer end-to-end comprehensive solutions for network connectivity, thus giving you flexibility through customised solutions and increased coverage.

Our portfolio services helps you do business at ease. From keeping your mission critical applications running to managing the flow of information across the globe, our comprehensive suite of technologies and infrastructure support does it all for you.

A key trend in the connectivity space over the last year was the escalation of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based VPN. With the evolution of multi-protocol label switching, virtual private networks are poised to herald a radical shift in the world of network computing. MPLS VPN became a preferred choice over frame relay. Another trend over the last year was that most enterprises focused on creating highly agile and redundant networks, where MPLS VPN emerged as a trusted WAN connectivity option.

Immense Communication Pvt. Ltd., promising to bring down cost, increase reliability and scalability, which were often missing in legacy networks with Managed Enterprise Network featured services.

To deliver solution to enterprises in this new world economy, we offer following services to revolutionize business applications.



Leased Lines and Ethernet

Comprehensive end-to-end solutions with Multiple protocol and interface support A secure Wide Area Network to link your sites Dedicated Internet Connectivity