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Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN)

A Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) is a kind of VPN that runs on Secure Socket Layers technology and is accessible via https over web browsers. It permits users to establish safe and secure remote access sessions from virtually any Internet connected browser. Traditional VPN requires the installation of IPSec client software on a client machine before a connection is established whereas SSL VPN has no such requirement. Users are able to access confidential applications or shared files on standard web browsers. The main benefit of SSL VPN technology is that because it is user-based, not device-based, any authorized user can login from web-enabled PCs for secure, remote access of confidential files

SSL VPN allows authorized users to securely connect to the Enterprise data network from off campus using various commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (i.e. TATA, BSNL, Reliance, MSN, AOL, etc.). Using SSL VPN, remote users are connected to the Enterprise network as if they were directly connected to the campus network. This allows Enterprise remote users to access servers and other devices restricted to Enterprise network users and isolated from the outside.
As a multi site business you may be faced with the challenge of providing secure, reliable access to applications and information across your business. Immense’s SSL VPN solution provides a secure network to link your sites and uses MPLS technology to enable voice, video and data to be transported on a single IP network delivering major cost savings whilst helping to increase productivity.

Our SSL VPN is a modern Next Generation Network with Quality of Service features that guarantee bandwidth for specified applications providing the platform for converging your voice, video and data networks. It offers a wide range of benefits to meet the challenges of your business including:

  • Extend geographic connectivity
  • Improve security
  • Reduce transit time and transportation costs for remote users
  • Simplify network topology
  • Provide global networking opportunities
  • Provide telecommuter support
  • Provide broadband networking compatibility
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce operational costs versus traditional WAN

We have been implementing and managing Wide Area Networks (WANs) successfully and have the expertise and experience to design and implement a network that will transform your business.