Immense Communication Pvt. Ltd.
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Immense Communication Pvt. Ltd.

About the Company

Immense communication Pvt. Limited is India’s largest MPLS VPN player and provides complete infrastructural IT solutions to mission critical industries.

Immense communication Pvt Limited is a data telecom service and IT solutions provider that offers innovative IP based  infrastructural solutions. We are India’s largest MPLS VPN player and have been the front-runner in provisioning and managing multi location wide area networks for various industry verticals.

We are one of the fastest growing and the largest corporate in our domain.

We provide largest real time networks in India, enabling industries to integrate and interact with other businesses, and to access the data and applications they need over secure and managed domestic as well as global communication platforms. We are the only Indian company that provides last mile connectivity with complete IT infrastructure solutions.

Being the largest MPLS VPN Service Provider in India, we have innovatively deployed a countrywide network using wireless on the last mile, and have successfully bridged the large digital divide between metros and rural and beyond the metro connectivity.

We have further strengthened our leadership position by offering end-to-end fibre connectivity to all Indian metros. Today, we are the only service provider in our domain that provides end-to-end connectivity services that includes network integration, bandwidth as well as managed services and this unique combination of services and offerings distinguishes us from other data communication providers.